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025Additions50Medical Necessity
080Adjustments10Flood Damage
075Agricultural Transfer Tax35Appeal of Agricultural Transfer Tax Imposition and Valuation Used
075Agricultural Transfer Tax20Declaration of Intent
075Agricultural Transfer Tax25Declaration of Intent Violation
075Agricultural Transfer Tax15Exemptions
075Agricultural Transfer Tax10General
075Agricultural Transfer Tax12Rate of Tax and Consideration or Appraisal Value
075Agricultural Transfer Tax21Tracking Tax Liability
075Agricultural Transfer Tax13Woodland
040Agricultural Use5Application
040Agricultural Use22Conservation Reserve Programs
040Agricultural Use20Definitions
040Agricultural Use21Guidelines and Active Use
040Agricultural Use Value10Uniform Values
040Agricultural Use Value15Uniform Values
040Agricultural Use Values16New Account Agricultural Use Rates
100Country Clubs10Agreements
035Farm Homesites10Determination of Size
150Federal Property10SBA, FHA, VA and Farmers Home Administratio
100Golf Courses15Physical Review
100Golf Courses or Country Clubs5Application
100Golf Courses Subject to Country Club or Golf Course Agreement20Valuation
060Mobile Home Assessment10Determination of Taxable Status
010Owner of Record10Immediate Family
050Planed Development Unit10Assessment
110Property Valuation11Reassessment Out-of-Cycle
110Real Property Valuation 12Substantially Completed ImprovementsValued Less Than $100,000
015Residential40Greenhouses, Hoophouses, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts
015Residential60Radio and Television Masts
015Residential70Rented Homes
015Residential30Site Improvements
015Residential50Smoke Detectors and Fire Equipment
015Residential10Utility Structures
015Residential20Waterfront Piers
120Rezoned Real Property10Use Valuation
070Woodland10Agricultural Criteria
070Woodland14Management Plans
070Woodland20Rollback Tax and Penalty for Violating a FCMA