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180Agricultural Limited Liability Company10Continued Eligibility
180Agricultural Limited Liability Company15Disqualification
180Agricultural Limited Liability Entities5Application
020Application126Alimony; Support Money, Public Assistance Grants
020Application134All Other Income (Indicate Source)
020Application136Applicant and Spouse's Signatures
020Application101Application Items 1 & 8: Name and Address
020Application102Application Items 2 & 6: Social Security Numbers
020Application137Application Not Open to Public Inspection
020Application123Business Profits (Net)
020Application121Capital Grants
020Application132Deferred Compensation
020Application40Definition of Dwelling
020Application135Federal Income Tax Field?
020Application80Filing Deadline Requirements
020Application133Gifts Over $300 (Received); Inheritance
020Application20Income Definition
020Application119Interest Income
020Application110Item 10 - Marital Status
020Application111Item 11 - County Account No. or Ward
020Application112Item 12 - Other Real Estate Owned By the Applicant
020Application113Item 13 - Principal Residence and Live There Since
020Application114Item 14 - Dependents Defined
020Application116Item 16 - Any Portion of Dwelling Used for Business
020Application117Item 17 - If Rented Part of Dwelling
020Application109Item 9 - Different Mailing Address
020Application129Other Federal Pensions (Not Including VA Benefits) Per Year
020Application131Other Pensions and Annuities Per Year
020Application128Railroad Retirement Benefits Per Year
020Application122Real Profits (Net)
020Application124Room and Board
020Application127Social Security
020Application125Unemployment Insurance; Workmen's Compensation
020Application90Verification of Income
020Application130Veterans Benefits Per Year
020Application118Wages, Salaries, Tips, Bonuses, Commissions, Fees
020Application30What Are the Special Limitations on Applications
020Application10Who is a Homeowner Eligible to Apply
030Calculation30Denial Letter and Right of Appeal
030Calculation10Method of Credit Calculation
200Credit12Data Processing Procedure
170Dwelling Transfer to a Trust20Homestead and Homeowners' Credit Eligibility
300Eligibility Standards25Enterprise Pipeline and Budget Considerations
300Eligibility Standards15How Does a Property Qualify?
300Eligibility Standards21Miscellaneous Provisions
300Eligibility Standards20What is Eligible Assessment and How Calculated?
300Eligibility Standards10What is the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit?
300Eligibility Standards16When Should a Business Apply?
170Homeowners' and Homestead Credits10Appeals
150Homestead Credit4525% Penalty
150Homestead Credit30Calculations
150Homestead Credit15Cooperative Corporations
150Homestead Credit40Correction of Occupancy Status
150Homestead Credit35Credit Eligibility for New Purchasers
150Homestead Credit25Damaged /Razed Property
150Homestead Credit31Disqualification
150Homestead Credit20Disqualifying Conditions During Previous Taxable
150Homestead Credit10Eligibility Requirements
150Homestead Credit32Maintenance
160Local Tax Credits10Itemized Listings
050Mobile Homes10Miscellaneous Provisions Eligibility of Trailers
200Valuation and Credit 10Requirements of the Department