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100Appraisal Technique15Bed and Breakfast
100Appraisal Technique41Bulkheading
100Appraisal Technique25Cellular Communication Towers
100Appraisal Technique10Cemeteries
100Appraisal Technique20Commercial Greenhouses
020Appraisal Technique12Escaped Property
062Appraisal Technique5Leaseholds
100Appraisal Technique40Marinas
100Appraisal Technique30Refrigeration Units
062Appraisal Technique10Tenant Improvements
100Appraisal Technique4Value in Use
100Appraisal Techniques55Government Subsidized Housing Consideration
020Assessments5Error Correction
055Common Use Facilities10Criteria
050Condominium Property10Percentage Units
140Contaminated Property10Required Documentation
065Income Producing Properties10Income and Expense Statement
065Income Producing Properties5Single Family Residential Properties
100Low Income Housing Projects50Section 42 Tax Credits
010Market Approach10Market Value Index
080Market Value10Public or Private Easement
100Mobile Home Parks5Approaches to Value
090Open Space10Perpetual or Long Term Easement, Country Club or Golf Course Agreement
065Property Valued Over $5 Million20Income and Expense Statement
066Real Property20Spas and Hot Tubs
066Real Property10Subpoenas
030Residential Land10Vacancy Allowance
070Solar Energy10Assessable Status
110Subdivided Land10Bulk Ownership of Lots
060The Three Approaches to Valuation10Responsibility of Assessor
130Zoning Considerations10Comprehensive Map Amendment