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SDAT's Real Property team strives to be as transparent as possible about how real property is assessed, which is why we have more than 250 procedures published online detailing our processes. You may search the procedure manual either numerically or alphabetically by using the left navigation bar, or click here to view the table of contents organized by category. You can also try searching with key terms by using the search bar at the top right of our web page. To call your local SDAT office for more information, click here.​
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232: Administration

020Public Relations10Code of Ethics
020Public Relations15Citizen Response Plan
020Public Relations20News Media
030Working Hours10Local Offices
040Office of the Attorney General10Requests for Opinions
055Employees' Responsibilities10Subpoenas
060Assessors10Constitutional Oath
100Personal Protective Equipment30Purchasing of Footwear
100Reassessment20Physical Review
110New Construction Sites10Safety Equipment