Master Sale History File

​1​County Code​AN​1-2​2
​2​District Code​AN​3-4​2
​3​Account ID​AN​5-1612
4Transfer Date (CCYMMDD)AN17-24​8
​5​Transfer Number​AN
​6-13​​​MAILING ADDRESS ​ ​ 
​6​Owner's Name​AN​31-64​34
​7​Owner's Name 2nd Line​AN​65-98​34
​8​Name Key​AN​99-123​25
​9​PO Box/Street Address​AN​124-153​30
​10​Address 2nd Line​AN​154-183​30
​12​State Code​AN​206-207​2
​13​Zip Code​AN​208-216​9
​14-16LEGAL DESCRIPTION​​ ​​ ​ ​
​14​Legal Description Line 1​AN​217-236​20
​15​Legal Description Line 2​AN​237-260​24
​16​Legal Description Line 3​AN​261-284​24
​17-23​​​PREMISE ADDRESS ​ ​ ​
​18​Number Suffix​AN​290​1
​23​Zip Code (and Zip + 4)​AN​342-350​9
​24-26DEED REFERENCE 1​​​​ ​ ​ ​
​24​Clerk Initials​AN​351-353​3
​27​Town Code​AN​363-365​3
​28​Subdivision Code​AN​366-369​4
​29​Plat Number​AN​370-375​6
​36​Zoning Code​AN​404-408​5
​37​Exempt Class​N​409-411​3
​38​Land Use​AN​412-413​2
​40-46​​​​PROPERTY FACTORS  ​ ​ ​
​40​Utilities - Water​AN​419​1
​41​Utilities - Sewer​AN​420​1
​42​Location - Waterfront​AN​421​1
​43​Street - Paved​AN​422​1
​44​Street - Unpaved​AN​423​1
​45​Influenced - Commercial/Industrial​AN​424​1
​46​Influence - Historical​AN​425​1
​47​Land Area​N​426-437​8.3
​48​Land Unit of Measure​AN​438​1
​49​Effective Width​N​439-446​5.2
​50​Effective Depth​N​447-454​​5.2
​51-55​​​​CURRENT CYCLE DATA ​ ​ ​
​51​Land Value​N​455-463​9
​52​Improvement Value​N​464-472​9
​53​Date Inspected (MMCCYY)​AN​473-478​6
​54​Date Assessed (MMCCYY)​AN​478-484​6
​56-59​​STRUCTURE DATA ​​ ​ ​
​57*​Construction Code​AN​490-492​3
​58*​Story Code​AN​493-496​4
​59*​Dwelling Type​AN​497-500​4
​60​Recreational Influence Ind​AN​501​1
​61​Year Built​N​502-505​4
​63​Geographic Code​AN​508-509​2
​64​Owner Occupancy Code​AN​510​1
​65​Structure Area (Sq. Ft)​N​511-517​7
​66-74​​​SALES INFORMATION ​ ​ ​
​66​Grantor Name​AN​518-551​34
​67​Clerk Initials​AN​552-554​3
​70​How Conveyed Ind.​AN​564​1
​73​Sales Land Value​AN​583-591​9
​74​Sales Improvement Value​AN​592-600​9
​75​Create Date ​(CCYYMMDD)​AN​601-608​8

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