How to Change a Property Owner's Mailing Address

​​​If the wrong mailing address appears on your real property assessment notice or real estate tax bill, or you would like to change the address to which your tax bills, assessment notices, and other correspondences are sent, please mail or fax a letter to the Assessment office for the jurisdiction in which the property is located. The letter must:                         

1. state your name as the property owner or his/her legal representative 
2. state the account number and address of the property 
3. state the address to which all future correspondences are to be sent
4. state the address of the owner's *principal residence
5. contain a day time telephone number

For mailings from the SDAT: Send the letter to your loc​al Assessment office; mailing addresses and fax numbers are available on our website. You may use the Property Owner Change of Address Form​.​

For tax bills and other notices from your local government, send a letter to the appropriate Finance or Treasurer's office. A list of the addresses for the local tax billing offices ​are available on our website. Both your local government and the Assessment office should be informed of any changes or corrections to your property account. You may send the same letter to both offices. 
If you wish to change your name or remove a name on your property record, due to marriage, divorce, death of an owner, etc., a new deed must be filed with the local Land Records office where the property is located. You can not change a deed to a property through the Assessment office. Should a new deed need to be filed contact an attorney or title company for assistance.

A person or married couple can only have one principal residence. "Principal residence" is the one dwelling where the homeowner regularly resides and is the location designated by the owner for the legal purposes of voting, obtaining a driver's license, and filing income tax returns" (COMAR (B)(3)).

*Only the owner's principal residence is eligible for the Homestead and the Homeowner's tax credit and other State and local tax credits and programs. In addition, only the owner's  principal residence is eligible for "semi-annual" property tax payment program. The Department may request documentation to verify that a dwelling is the principal residence of a homeowner (§ 2-218(a) Tax-Property Article, Annotated Code of Maryland).


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