SDAT Leadership

​Director Michael Higgs

Michael Higgs - Director

Michael L. Higgs became Director of the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) in December 2016. Prior to being appointed Director of SDAT, Higgs served as the Deputy Director from September 2015. In addition to serving on Governor Larry Hogan’s Cabinet, Director Higgs also has or currently serves on the: Governor’s Commerce Subcabinet, Governor’s Smart Growth Cabinet, Governor’s Small Business Taskforce, Governor’s Rural Broadband Steering Committee, and Legislature’s Deed Recording Taskforce.

During his time at SDAT, Director Higgs has focused on Changing Maryland for the Better by streamlining processes, modernizing technology, and establishing a culture of customer service and professionalism throughout the agency. Director Higgs has overseen the successful streamlining or replacement of numerous paper-based processes with digital and highly accessible technology while maintaining legacy systems. The Department’s award-winning online business portals, Maryland Business Express and the UCC Filing System, are helping Marylanders by allowing important business documents to be conveniently filed online while increasing efficiency and dramatically reducing processing times. The Department has also been digitizing outdated documents on microfiche and scanning tens of thousands of documents received each month, so customers can easily view and download their business filings online.

In 2018, Director Higgs unveiled the new Maryland Business Express website at Governor Hogan’s Southern Maryland Regional Cabinet Meeting, which has made it easier than ever for Maryland’s small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to plan, start, manage, and grow their business. By breaking down government silos, Maryland Business Express has combined information previously spread across many state agencies into one easy-to-navigate site. The site even features a unique digital chatbot assistant designed to communicate with and deliver guidance to Marylanders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This “Chatbot” is the first of its kind to be used by any state government for business purposes. Since its launch, Maryland Business Express has received over 7 national and international awards.In an effort to better manage the many changes necessary to improve the functioning of an agency with almost 600 employees spread across 25 offices, Director Higgs has worked to institute an agile mindset among leadership and management, which have substantially improved internal communication and coordination among the Department’s numerous programs.

Prior to joining the Department, Director Higgs privately practiced law for over 18 years. He served both commercial and governmental clients in transactional, corporate, regulatory, and real estate matters, specializing in the fields of telecommunications and cyber security. Director Higgs received his B.A. summa cum laude from University of Maryland and his J.D. from The George Washington University Law School. He currently resides in Montgomery County with his wife and two children.

Chief Information Officer Lisa Broznowicz

Lisa Broznowicz

Lisa Broznowicz began her career with the State of Maryland in the fall of 1989 with the Department of General Services as a stock clerk, selling blueprints and spec books to Contractors who competed to bid on State construction projects. In 1993, Lisa was offered a position of Office Secretary with the Office Systems Division at the Maryland Department of Health (MDH).

During her time at MDH, Lisa’s strong work ethic and thirst for knowledge allowed her to transition into the Information Technology (IT) field at MDH where she worked until transferring to SDAT’s Management Information Systems (MIS) Division in June of 1999. Originally hired by SDAT to serve as the Agency’s email administrator, Lisa’s outstanding work performance, customer service initiatives, and willingness to perform any job needed to ensure the success of the IT Team were quickly recognized. A tireless and thoughtful advocate for both her customers and her employees, Lisa’s natural leadership skills, goal-oriented planning, and endless compassion make her a phenomenal manager.

In recognition of her outstanding leadership in IT, Lisa was promoted to SDAT’s Chief Information Officer in 2017. Under the direction of SDAT Director Michael Higgs, Lisa and her IT team are committed to Changing Maryland for the Better, and are leading a revolution in government technology. From instituting award winning on-line services to overseeing the modernization of one of the most antiquated systems operated by the State, Lisa Broznowicz is working hard to ensure that SDAT’s technology is helping to make Maryland Open for Business.

Real Property State Supervisor Charles Cluster

Charles Cluster

After graduating from Frostburg State College in 1988, Charles Cluster started his career with the Department of Assessments and Taxation and worked at the Montgomery County Assessment Office. In 1996, Charles transferred to the Baltimore City Assessment Office as a commercial assessor. In 2004, he returned to the Montgomery County Assessment Office after being promoted to Manager of the Commercial and Industrial team.

In 2008, Charles advanced in his career to become an Area Supervisor and was responsible for overseeing the daily functions of 11 of the 24 local assessment offices. Due to his profound knowledge and experience after numerous years of assessing properties in the field in various locations throughout Maryland, Charles was appointed to become the State Supervisor of the Real Property Division in 2013. Charles is incredibly proud to lead a talented team of assessors across the state who work hard to ensure that Maryland’s properties are assessed fairly and uniformly each year while providing great customer service to property owners.

Chief of Staff Corbett Webb

Corbett Webb​ As SDAT's Chief of Staff, Corbett Webb provides support and guidance to all SDAT programs as needed and at the direction of the Director. This includes identifying and implementing changes in policy or procedure that will benefit the Department and its customers. He directly oversees SDAT's communications plan, regulatory efforts, and legislative strategy; and successfully championed 9 departmental bills in the 2018 General Assembly Session that streamlined procedures, reduced departmental expenses, and eliminated taxes for 30,000 of Maryland's smallest businesses.

Corbett also spearheaded the Hogan administration's Maryland Business Express (BusinessExpress.Maryland.Gov), an inter-agency collaboration that makes it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to plan, start, manage, and grow a business. Since its launch, the site has won 7 national awards and Corbett was recognized as a “State Up & Comer” by StateScoop in part for his role in its development. Corbett also serves on the Governor's Small Business Workgroup, Workforce Development Taskforce, and Customer Service Workgroup.

Prior to joining the SDAT team, Corbett served as Communications Research Manager for Governor Hogan's Communications Office. A Maryland native, Corbett received his B.A. from Southern Methodist University and is currently working towards his J.D. in the University of Maryland Carey School of Law’s evening program.