To register a ground rent or make changes to an existing registration use the forms below:

Payment Demand Notice for Ground Rent in Arrears

Sample Ground Rent Payment Demand Notice & Instructions.​

Mail forms to:
State Dept. of Assessments and Taxation
Ground Rent Division
301 W. Preston Street 8th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201​

If you have questions about the State Department of Taxation Residential Ground Rent Programs send your inquires via email or call:

Telephone: 410-767-1151
To view ground rent registrations on file with the Department:
  1. Search the Real Property Database.
  2. At the top banner of the property display page choose the link Ground Rent Registration
  3. To view the scanned registration document click on the Acknowledgement Number

 Ground Rent

Collection and Notice for Payment of Ground Rent

The owner of a ground lease may not collect a payment of a ground rent unless the ground lease is duly registered with SDAT and the statutory “Notice Required by Maryland Law Regarding Your Ground Rent” has been mailed to the residential property owner at least sixty (60) days before a payment is due.
Sample Notice

Redeem A Ground Rent

Most g​round rents are redeemed as a private transaction between the ground rent holder and the ground rent tenant. An attorney or title company should be consulted to assist with this matter. If you choose to redeem the property and to create a ground rent redemption deed without the benefit of an attorney, see the example of a Deed of Redemption that can be used as a guide. Blank deed forms are available below.

Blank redemption deed​
Blank redemption deed (This for can be filled in on a computer)

If the owner of a single family residential property who is the tenant under a ground lease on the property has had no communication from the ground rent holder for three years or more, the ground lease tenant may use the procedure prescribed by law to redeem the ground lease by applying to SDAT. This process will take at least 120 days to complete and begins once the Notice of Intent to Redeem is posted.

  1. Determine if a ground rent redemption filing has been made for a specific property.
    The link above will take you to the online Real Property database where you can view the property record and any filings for the property under the ground rent links at the top of the display page.
  2. Post the Notice of Application For A Ground Rent Redemption Where The Address of the Landlord Is Unknown
    This Notice must be posted in a window or other conspicuous place on the property for thirty (30) days.
    1. Complete an Application For Residential Ground Rent Redemption
  3. Visit SDAT at 301 W. Preston St., Room 801, Baltimore, MD 21201 and bring the Notice of Application For A Ground Rent Redemption Where The Address of the Landlord Is Unknown, Application For Residential Ground Rent Redemption, a copy of the homeowner’s deed to the property, and a check for the processing fee in the amount of seventy dollars ($70).   
    If ground rent payments have been made in the past three years, provide a copy of the cancelled check for each transaction.
  4. After ninety (90) days, return to SDAT with a certified check for the total redemption amount and the Affidavit of Certificate of Redemption to receive the Certificate of Redemption. SDAT does not provide notice of the expiration of the 90-day waiting period. After receipt, the certificate must be filed in the land records of the local jurisdiction. SDAT does not record this document.
    *Because the ground rent staff is not always available to take walk-ins, please contact the ground rent office at 410-767-1151 to schedule an appointment before your visits. Mail-in applications cannot be accepted without prior authorization.
  5. View a listing of properties on which redemption fillings have been made as of March 26, 2017:
Anne Arundel County Harford County
Baltimore City Prince George's County
Baltimore County Washington County
Cecil County Worcester County​
Dorchester County  

Financial Assistance with Redeeming A Ground Lease

A program has been established by the Maryland General Assembly to provide loans to eligible homeowners to redeem ground leases. For more information contact the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development's Ground Rent Redemption Loan Program​


In October 2011, The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that the extinguishment of ground rents for failure to register them with the State is unconstitutional. All ground rents that would have been extinguished for failure to register them are as valid as they were before the registration deadline. Any Certificate of Extinguishment issued by this Department is void and has no effect. MD Court of Appeals;​

Certificate of Invalidation
The Certificate of Invalidation must be requested by the ground lease holder or the leasehold tenant. A written request must be sent to SDAT that shall include:

  1. Name of requestor (state whether this is the ground lease holder or ground lease tenant)
  2. Mailing address of requestor.
  3. Ground lease property address.
  4. Property tax identification number of the property subject to ground rent.
  5. Date certificate of extinguishment was filed in the land records.

Upon request, SDAT will file in the land records of the appropriate county a notice which states that the certificate of extinguishment has been invalidated by the Maryland Court of Appeals.
Processing time may be up to eight weeks depending upon the workload of the Department and the county’s land records division. There are no fees associated with this filing.

Mail completed request to: State Department of Assessments and Taxation Ground Rent Division, 301 W. Preston Street; 8th FL, Baltimore, MD 21201-2395.