Services and Data Available

Corporate Charter Division

Counter Service, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Corporate Charter Division 301 West Preston Street, 8th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland. You must be in line no later than 4:15 PM in order to receive service that same day. All counter transactions are expedited and an expedited filing surcharge beyond the processing fee applies to each request. View the fee schedule for various services that are available to businesses and the general public at the Charter Division.

Public Access to Data

Note: While we have confidence in the accuracy of these records, the Department makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the information.

Terminals are available to the public in each local assessment office in order to allow free access to the Department's Real Property and Business Services data. See our Status page for information on the current status and scheduled outages of our web site and online systems.

Internet Accessible Data

Real Property Data Search : You can obtain ownership and value information about every parcel of real property in the State of Maryland (approximately 2,500,000 accounts) from this database, as well as sales of real property. Data on the Real Property Data Search system is updated Tuesday - Saturday.

Homestead Eligibility Application: All Maryland homeowners are required to make a one-time application in order to be eligible to receive or continue receiving the Homestead Tax Credit. The Homestead Tax Credit law limits each year the amount of assessment increase on which an eligible resident homeowner actually pays County, Municipal and State property taxes. The application is required to insure that all property owners receive the credit on the one property used as their principal residence and not on properties used for other purposes, such as a rental or vacation home.

Real Property Assessment Appeal Request: This service will be available for 45 days after reassessment notices are mailed in late December of each year. For more information on the assessment process read the online brochure. Properties in Maryland are reassessed on a three year rolling cycle; you may view reassessment maps for each county online.

Property tax credits and Tax Exemption applications

Business Entity Search: This database contains information business registered with the Department, including Resident Agents and personal property assessment information for corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, professional corporations, and trade names. Data on the Business Data Search system is updated online each week day.

Maryland Business Express:  This site will provide you with the resources to register a business in Maryland and order copies of documents filed with the Department. 

Certificate of Status: Print an official Certificate of Status (Certificate of Good Standing) from SDAT. Authenticity of Certificates requested on-line can be verified within this system. Click on Certificate of Status and navigate to Verify Certificate located on the left side of the page under Links. Enter the seven (7) digit number printed at the bottom right hand corner of the Certificate to verify its authenticity.

UCC/ Security Interest Filings: This site provides online filing, search and retrieval of Security Interest Filings filed with this Department.

Personal Property Filing Extension: Available February 1st through April 15th of each tax season.

Potential Domestic Forfeiture Search: Available mid-Summer through October 1st.

Public Release Data Files

The Department's public release files are available for sale through a contractor, SpecPrint, Inc. Maryland real property, corporate personal property, corporate charter and uniform commercial code data in various media formats through SpecPrint.

Corporate File - this file contains information regarding corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and trade names. All corporations which were active since 1982 are listed. Trade name information includes the name and address of the filer, initial date of the filing and the date any subsequent amendments were filed. Information on all other business entities includes principal office, resident agent, resident agent address, and the date and type of any subsequent amendments filed. Both foreign and domestic business entities are included.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) File - This file includes the name of the debtor and secured party for each financing statement filed with SDAT since 1983. It also includes the date of any subsequent amendment filed.

Real Property Public Data Record - for all counties - these files include ownership information, property full cash values, property assessments, and property locations. SDAT also provides real property records and personal property magnetic media to local governments for their tax billing. Refer to the file formats listed below for the current layout of Master File Data Sets available for purchase through SpecPrint.

File formats of Master File Data Sets:

SpecPrint will provide the SDAT data files in popular storage formats, elected data elements of this file information can also be produced on either paper or diskette using the specific file selection and sorting criteria requested by customers. The costs for these selection reports will be based on $.04 per account selected with a minimum service charge of $40. The schedules for the creation of these files for duplication are as follows:

  • The Corporate Master File is created monthly; weekly subscription available
  • The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) File is created weekly
  • Real Property Public Data Record is created semiannually
  • Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) Files are produced each January
  • The Real Property Sales File

For additional information contact Joe Jenkins of Specprint, Inc. 410-561-9600 or via e-mail at
To place an order make your check payable to Specprint, Inc. and mail to:
Specprint, Inc.
7 Aylesbury Road
Timonium, Maryland 21093
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