Customer Service FAQ

What is the Department's Customer Service Policy?


​While the Department of Assessments & Taxation follows Governor Hogan's Customer Service Promise, our staff also adheres to a Customer Service Policy.  

The name of my business is spelled incorrectly, how can I fix it?


Contact our Charter Department at​

I want to change my principal residence address, how do I do that?


How do I bring my business into good standing?

Can I register my business online?


Yes, through the Maryland Business Express, you can establish tax accounts, file your business personal property returns, ​register your trade name, and order copies of previously filed documents. 

Maryland Business Express​

Where can I find my Department ID number?


Perform a business entity search by name- this will provide you with information and your Department ID Number.

Can I give you a name, and you tell me what property they own?


Mandated by State Law, we are unable to provide this information online.

How do I order a certificate of status?​

  • Make sure the business is in good standing before placing your order. Purchasing a certificate will not change the status of a business entity.

Can you explain my property valuation?


Contact your local assessment office; a list of offices is available online at

The link I visited on your website is broken, who can I tell to fix it?

How can I appeal my property tax assessment?


For more information, contact your local assessment office,​

I have read the FAQ list and I am still unsure who to contact.


You will get the fastest service by using our frequent contact list:

​ If you still are unsure where to go email: and we will help get you to the right place.​