For immediate release:
October 5, 2017
Jason Davidson

SDAT Releases First Annual Customer Service Report

Customer Satisfaction for FY17 at 91%

In June 2016, Governor Larry Hogan launched Maryland's Customer Service Initiative, the first statewide effort to analyze and improve customer service and one of the first official initiatives in the country. Now, after a year of hard work and renewed focus on our customers, we are proud to also release SDAT's first official annual report.

In the past year, our Department implemented new methods for customers to provide feedback and held three events to recognize some of our outstanding employees, two of whom were presented citations by Governor Hogan and Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford. Our Department was more active in the community—attending and sponsoring job fairs and entrepreneurship events—and we created new mail and email campaigns for contacting our customers and educating them on the services we provide. Finally, in FY17 even more services were made available online, and presently more than 50% of all documents are filed online, 40% of which occur outside of normal business hours.

We wanted to say thank you to our customers for their constructive comments and feedback, as well as a special thank you to all members of the SDAT team! We have received so many calls, emails, and letters recognizing employees who have gone the extra mile, and 91% of our customers have reported being satisfied with their SDAT experience!

In the year to come, we look forward to continuing to work with our customers to build on this progress and find new, innovative ways to provide an excellent experience that makes it easier to interact with our Department and do business in Maryland!