Business Personal Property Assessment Billing File Layout

​As of May 1, 2004
County CodeChar212
Business ID PrefixChar133
Business Identification NumberChar16419
District CodeChar22021
Tax Class CodeChar22223
Town CodeChar22425
Entity NameChar25026275
Owner Name - 1Char250276525
Owner Name - 2Char250526775
Mailing Address Line -1Char4010261065
Mailing Address Line - 2Char4010661105
Mailing Address Line - 3Char4011061145
Mailing Address Line - 4Char4011461185
Mailing Address - CityChar2711861212
Mailing Address - StateChar212131214
Mailing Address - ZipChar912151223
Name KeyChar25012241473
Business TypeChar214741475
Assessment YearChar414761479
Year-to-date State BaseNum1114801490
Year-to-date Sub-division BaseNum1114911501
Year-to-date Traders License BaseNum1115021512
Year-to-date Town BaseNum11151315231,2 or 3
Transaction CodeChar215241525
Adjustment to State Base *Num1015261535
Sign Indicator for adjusted St. Base #Char115361536For negative '_", else blank.
Adjustment to Sub-division Base *Num1015371546
Sign Indicator for adjusted Sub Base #Char115471547For negative '_', else blank.
Adjustment to Trd. License Base *Num1015481557
Sign Indicator for adjustment for adjusted Trd. Lic #Char115581558For negative '_', else blank.
Adjustment to Town Base *Num1015591568
Sign Indicator for adjusted Town Base #Char115691569For negative '_', else blank.
Current Billing Page No.Num415701573
Current Billing Extract No.Char1015741583
Previous Billing Page No.Num415841587
Previous Billing Extract No.Char1015881597
Estimated CodeChar115981598E or blank
Certificate DateChar815991606yyymmdd
Premise Address Line - 1Char4016071646
Premise Address Line - 2Char4016471686
Premise Address Line - 3Char4016871726
Premise Address Line - 4Char 4017271766
Premise Address - CityChar2717671793
Premise Address - StateChar217941795
Premise Address - ZipChar917961804
Mailing Address - CountryChar118451845Y or Blank
Interest Refund IndicatorChar118461846
Entity StatusChar118461846